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Marketing At A High Level, Prospecting, and November Holidays!


Local Broadcast Sales


This Week's Three Featured Videos


1 - Marketing At A High Level


Gary Moore begins a series on helping potential advertisers develop a fuller understanding of the importance of advertising. In this session, he explains the importance of “90%” and offers some great examples of what it means to have a top equity position.

2 - Prospecting 


Paul Weyland discusses how to effectively prospect and why you should always be prospecting.

3 - November Holidays!

You know all about Thanksgiving and Black Friday, but did you know that the month of November also includes Cupcake Day, Sandwich Day, and MANY MORE days and weeks dedicated to different items and activities? Sally Kohn is here to fill you in on these and help you start thinking about ad campaigns and promotions that will help you to make more money!


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