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Marrying TV, Radio, and Digital, Be the Best, and Car Dealer Q&A!

Best of Q3!


Local Broadcast Sales


This Week's Three Featured Videos



1 - On the Spot

Paul Weyland offers ideas for product service categories! In this session:

Do you have any ideas a towing company with five trucks available during the winter season? They are new to the market and winters here are tough.
Back up generators for your home.
Eye doctors
Attorneys and Probate Attorneys
Divorce Lawyers

2 - Be the Best

Gary Moore discusses what it is to create inspired performance and then offers ten qualities you can develop to actually do it!

3 - January Holidays!

Sally Kohn covers some of the lesser-known holidays in the month of January. Did you know that January is the National Blood Donor Month? In this video, Sally offers some simple and effective ideas that you can take to your advertisers to help them get their year (and yours!) off to a great start!


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