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Marrying TV, Radio, and Digital, Be the Best, and Car Dealer Q&A!

Best of Q3!


Local Broadcast Sales


This Week's Three Featured Videos


1 - Marrying TV, Radio, and Digital

LBS Creative Expert, Tim Burt, presents a series on how to effectively mix TV, radio, and digital campaigns so that your advertiser sees maximum results! In this session:

Myth Busted
Pick It and Stick With It

2 - Be the Best

Gary Moore explains why it is important for you to be a broadcaster of high character and offers lots of practical steps you can take to become and remain one!

3 - Car Dealer Q&A!

John Tkac answers LIVE broadcaster questions! In this segment:

What have you found to be most effective, endorsements or regular radio ads? And what about radio jock endorsements?
Why do some dealers keep pulling their broadcast advertising to conduct direct mail selling?


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