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Governor’s Office of Agricultural Policy/KY Agricultural Development Fund (GOAP/KADF)

GOAP TV Traffic 022020

TV Spot(s) (Dropbox)

Pork30TV (:30)
ISCI Code: GOAP2201
.mp4 format .wmv format .mov format
Beef30TV (:30)
ISCI Code: GOAP2202
.mp4 format .wmv format .mov format
Poultry30TV (:30)
ISCI Code: GOAP2203
.mp4 format .wmv format .mov format


GOAP Radio Traffic 022020

Radio Spot(s) (left-click to listen, right-click to download)

1. Pork30R (:30)
ISCI Code: GOAP2104

2. Beef30R (:30)
ISCI Code: GOAP2105

3. Poultry30R (:30)
ISCI Code: GOAP2106

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