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Car Dealer Q&A, Develop Loyal Customers, and Financial Planners!


Local Broadcast Sales


This Week's Three Featured Videos


1 - Car Dealer Q&A


John Tkac answers LIVE broadcaster questions! In this segment:

How can you show ROI with radio?
Our nearest Subaru is a 40-minute drive. Will people travel that far to buy?
How can I find the national Cost Per Vehicle Retail?

2 - Develop Loyal Customers


Gary Moore introduces the first step in developing a customer profile tool. In this session, he starts with you, the broadcast sales pro, and discusses foundational professional characteristics such as work ethic, dependability, initiative, integrity, and more!

3 - Financial Planners!

Do you understand the daily challenges that a financial planner faces? This segment will help you to get inside their world and give you direction to uncover advertising opportunities that you can translate into anything from conversation starters all the way to full campaigns!

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