Still Time to Register for 2017 KBA Conference

There is still time to register for the 2017 KBA Conference. Registration is $100.00 per person. You can register online, or call (502) 848-0426
Workshop Spotlight:
Dealing with Aggressive Behavior: Enhancing Your Safety in the Office and the Community presented by: Ron Scheit
  Aggressive behavior is one of the most anxiety provoking, yet fundamental behaviors known to man. Increasingly, acts of anger, aggression and violence permeate our schools, public agencies and offices. For most people, attempting to deal with angry and aggressive individuals is a source of frustration, anxiety and fear. This program provides information on the various levels of threat and teaches how to safely make contacts both in and outside the office. The program separates aggressive behavior into four identifiable stages and teaches how to deal with each stage.
Course Description
This program teaches participants how to make safe contacts both in and outside the office, and how to differentiate between “bluff behaviors,” those behaviors intended to accomplish a goal but that are not physically threatening, and “danger behaviors,” those behaviors indicating a high probability of physical attack. It then provides skills to de-escalate each level of behavior.
Participants attending this presentation will be able to:
  1.    Evaluate how you react to anger and aggression.
    1.    Assess your conflict resolution skills.
    2.    Evaluate why some people under-react and some over-react.
    3.   Identify the four stages of anger and aggressive behavior.
    4.    Identify why people get angry.
    5.    Recognize “Danger Behavior”.
    6.    Apply the appropriate de-escalation techniques for the corresponding level of behavior.

Nominations are Open! Deadline is
Thursday, September 21, 2017!


Nominations are now open for eight (8) seats on the KBA Board of Directors beginning January 1, 2018. All district directors are elected to serve a two- year term. According to KBA bylaws, no director may serve more than two consecutive terms. KBA directors must be from the ownership or managerial level of a station(s) located in the district.  Self nominations are acceptable.  The deadline for nominations is Thursday, September 21, 2017.

2017 KBA Chairman, Derron Steenbergen, would like to emphasize how important it is for those districts with expiring directors to nominate new names to serve on the KBA Board of Directors.  As a state membership association, the KBA needs YOU to be an active and viable member of our board. Serving on the KBA board allows you to be the voice of broadcasters in your districts.
A stipend and travel expenses are offered for board members that attend in person KBA Board Meetings. Meetings are held quarterly.
Following the deadline of nominations, weighted links to ballots will be sent to management emails for stations in districts where there is a contested race.

The following districts are up for election this year. If you are unsure of your district, please click here. Four radio director members are up for election or re-election in the districts listed below, along with the positions of Lexington Market Television Director, Other Market Television Director, Public Television Director and Associate Member Director.

District One– Jim Moore, WYMC Radio, Mayfield, KY (Not eligible for re-election)

District Three– Earl Jones, iHeart Media, Louisville, KY (eligible for re-election)

District Five–  Kristin Cantrell, CapCity Radio, Frankfort, KY(Not eligible for re-election)

District Seven– Jeff Ray, Gateway Radio Works, Owingsville, KY (Not eligible for re-election)

Lexington Market Television Director– Chris Mossman, WKYT-TV, Lexington, KY (eligible for re-election)

Public Television Director – David Brinkley, Western KY University, Bowling Green, KY (Not eligible for re-election)

Associate Member Director – Nathan Butler, Orbital Media Networks, Englewood, CO (Not eligible for re-election)

Links to nomination ballots were distributed to stations via listed management emails on September 6, 2017. If your management/company has not received the link to your nomination ballots and you are a member of one of the above districts or would like to make a nomination, please contact Liza Livers at kba@kba.org or (502) 848-0426. Nominations must be received by close of business on Thursday, September 21, 2017.

Districts with more than one candidate will be sent an election ballot on  September 25, 2017.  Only one vote per station is permitted.